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      Add: Dongliuchun Industrial zone, Dingzhou City
      Tel: 0312-2683688 2682069 2683456 2683066
      P.O: 073006
      Fax: 0312-2683588
      Manager introduced
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      Dear Friends:

      Thank you sincerely for visiting Hebei Dingzhou Hualong Textile Machinery Accessories Co.,Ltd

      Based on the object "Sincere Service for Customers", adhering to principle" law-abiding, honest, fair and scientific", taking the attitude" strict, enthusiastic, professional, earnest" , Hualong would like to act as perfectly as possible to satisfy customers with our hard work and best after sale service.

      With the increasingly complex circumstance and the more and more competitive market, Hualong knows that support and cooperation from customers home and abroad is the largest motivation to us!

      At this moment, Please allow me, on behalf of all staff from Hualong to show our heartfelt thanks to our friends, and sincerely hope we can further strength our cooperation and create a better future with you.