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      Add: Dongliuchun Industrial zone, Dingzhou City
      Tel: 0312-2683688 2682069 2683456 2683066
      P.O: 073006
      Fax: 0312-2683588
      About us
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         Hebei Dingzhou Hualong Textile Machinery Accessories Co.,Ltd (Former Name-Dingzhou No.1 Textile Equipment Co.,Ltd) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the field of textile accessories. From research & development to processing, from sale to after sale service, Hualong has set up an improved system. Besides scientific research system on development,manufacturing  and processing, Hualong has formed a diversity in the production link, including injection mold, stamping, wooden static flocking, and so on.The main products of Hualong contain static flocking top roller clearer, soft cloth, flocking machine, plush clearer, top cradle series, suspended spindle, yarn cop series, roller fray of wood, plastic, aluminum alloy , and all kinds of A615/151/1515 product , wooden product and ferrous accessories.

         Meanwhile, Hualong works at after sale service for textile machinery companies. The times of Prosperity in the textile industry also brings great competitions. In order to reduce the cost while to bring the biggest profit to textile machinery companies, our company is also in charge of renovating, flocking, calibrating the products we have sold out to make them reused as before. For many years,  Hualong Textile Machinery Accessories Co .,Ltd .has set up a long relation with Shanxi Jingwei Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd, Best Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd, Jiaxin Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd, Hongji Textile Machinery Co .,Ltd, Hujin Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd, Great Textile Machinery Co., Ltd etc, Dongtai Mazuoli Machinery Co.,Ltd and other machinery companies. And Hualong is also their appointed company for supplying roller clearer and for roller clearer after sale service. After the pile used out, our company can process renovating and flocking, and promises to get only 8% of the cost price as profit.

         For many years, depending on advanced technique, excellent quality, beautiful sculpt, perfect service and reasonable price, Hualong Texitile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd has won the trust from both customers and craft brothers. Products from Hualong are not only sold well domesticly, but also exported to southeast Asia, Europe and other areas all over the world. Dingzhou Hualong Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd  sincerely welcomes customers home and abroad, old and new for technical communication and business cooperation.